Big B launches ‘Kaila Rangeele’

Published: Tue, Jan 10, 2012
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Big B launches ‘Kaila Rangeele’

There are many things that go into making Big B, the Big B of the film industry. Besides being an excellent actor and the very face of Indian cinema, he is also known to be a generous obliger. Case in point, Kailash Kher’s new album ‘Kailasa Rangeele’ launch. Not only did Amitabh Bachchan grace the occasion with his presence, but also obliged the singer by singing a few lines with him. Kailash of course was in loss of words when asked how he felt about his album being launched by the Big B. “He is a complete package especially designed by the almighty and with him here, I feel humbled and grateful that a personality like him could take time off to be present at my album’s release.”

This however isn’t the first time the actor has come willingly for a launch. A few weeks ago, Big B released dear friend and fellow actor Anupam Kher’s book. He also read a chapter from the book. Clearly, a few friendships in B-town run really deep.

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