Aamir in charge

Published: Tue, Feb 21, 2012
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Aamir in charge

Aamir Khan does only one film a year so he can give each project his full attention. Perhaps this is the reason behind his ‘perfectionist’ persona. A recent case of his professional dedication is his much awaited TV show. After the show set caught fire and various other delays, the actor has taken charge of the situation. In a new development, Aamir has shifted his set to Yash Raj Studios. A good move considering that Aamir is scheduled to start work on ‘Dhoom 3’ soon. With this move, he will not only be able to work on his show, but also shoot for the film.

Aamir who is working on a different look for his role as the baddie has also created space for his makeshift gym inside the studio.

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